Black Plague NFTs

We created 100 Black plague NFT’s in form of art to preserve what happened in old days, just to remember our hero’s who fought faithfully with deadly diseases in mystery.

“Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours.” –Wallace Bruce

Earn ADA by holding Dark NFTs

Dr plague female

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Why should you Buy ?

Get Rewards

Holder of NFT will get Rewards in ADA.


On each resale 12% amount goes to contract. When the contract has more than 1000 ADA, it will auto distribute among holder's.

mint cost

Cost for each Black Death NFTs is 500 ADA for minting.

Limited NFT's

There will be ever only 100 black death NFTs Ever...!

Dark NFT

About Plague NFT

We are preserving Black plague hsitory .Even though it can sometimes be hard to look ahead to the future with everything going on at the moment, just remember that the current situation is not permanent and that things can get better, especially if we do our best to make them better.